Recumbent Trike Test Ride Now

Test rides by appointment. Thank you …if you are intending to purchase from another seller, please use them to arrange test rides and gather your information. It is a service they should provide to you.


While riding a recumbent trike is relatively safe, there are possible dangers in all activities. Riders must accept full responsibility for their own safety on the test ride and for getting set up for it (Please bring your helmet and foot-ware).

Before any test ride, riders (or their guardians if the rider is younger than 18 yrs old) are required to sign a RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY. Test Ride Agreement PDF. Photo ID is required (ie: drivers license). You can print the form yourself or sign one before the test ride.

Test Ride

Please read and consider the QR Customer Test Ride Agreement which is required for all test rides.

QR Test Ride Agreement PDF

If you do not need to wear a helmet for medical reasons, we suggest you have your certificate available.

The Test Ride

Please contact us to set up a time for your test ride in advance. We want to make sure we’re here to answer all your questions and give you the time you need.

Short test rides, within the Corella Court, are free.

Queensland Recumbent Trikes - Corella Court

Extended rides can be undertaken after a free trial if you have made arrangement with us.

Extended Test Rides

For an extended test ride, we will do a thorough setup to ensure the trike fits the individual. This does take quite some time but it is well worth it for the rider. For this reason, a non-refundable deposit of $40** (for Sunshine Coast residents) or $80** (for all other customers) is required. However, the deposit will be deducted from the final price of your recumbent trike when purchased through QR (us). With the time consumed in this, if you do not continue with a purchase, we retain the deposit to cover cost of equipment and time. None that have got to the ride have complained. A number of customers have said they would pay more for the experience and some customers encouraged us to charge a fee simply related to the time involved.

** In part, the reason for this arrangement is that, disappointingly, other bike shops have sent their customers here for test rides rather than providing equipment and allowance for time to conduct test rides and provide information. We put a lot of time and effort into making sure riders are comfortable and have all their questions answered. We are unable to carry stock, conduct test rides and provide this service for other bike shops so if you want to buy from them, ask them to provide the service.

While you can easily spend $10,000 on a bike with only two wheels and balance issues, it doesn’t make the high cost of a basic trike any easier to swallow or decide on. Recumbent trikes are not mass produced in the same manner as a bicycle, take up more transport and display space, don’t turn-over at the current rate of bicycles and are not as well understood. You can easily spend $4,000 on a recumbent.

We are not part of a major buying chain and we are more corner store than Ikea. If you wish to come collect a flat pack and take it away, we can cope with it, though some brands do not allow this activity (must be assembled and tested here). Should you want to come and sped a couple of hours with our help to make your decision, we can’t supply the equipment and do that for free (as above). We also understand a recumbent is not a small decision and we’ll help you as much as we can to decide if it is the right way to go. No, should be rare as recumbents are extremely adaptable and fun as well as for some a last resort. We will plainly tell you if we think it is not right for you. That said, we enjoy the challenges and time involved in turning questions and concerns into smiles. Twisting our arm to get time to ask another question or discuss your needs won’t be needed.

As part of the extended test rides, we will go through all the aspects of the trike and then embark on a ride around the Tewantin or a pre-organised area.

If your fitness level is still developing, we can break the test ride into shorter rides to suit. In between the test rides, we have found riders enjoy the opportunity to ask questions and engage in more discussion sometimes related to new experiences gained. We understand you may have many questions and would like to make the most of the visit.

Feeling a little more energetic… a longer extended ride (as arranged) may suit. We’ll make any needed trike adjustments to suite how you ride (within our practical capability).

CAEATI/MASS Approved Provider – NDIS (from 20-11-2017)

We are an approved provider and can work with clients to access funding to purchase their trikes.

Special Assessment Trials

If you have a special need or disability, please let us know your situation before the test ride so that we can discuss and help to make the trial ride as practical as possible to your circumstances. Some disabilities can require more specialised assistance and modifications. These applications are handled on a individual-case-by-case-basis. In some instances, a suitable trike may not be obtainable at a standard retail price.

For special riding needs, setting up a trike to meet your needs can take a lot longer. Our fee for special assessment trials or those to be arranged through an occupational therapist, are in advance of the appointment and minimum of $250 or as arranged. If you continue with a purchase and the payment is not subject to subsidy payments (instead full payment is in advance), this fee will be refunded or taken off the final price.

Please consult with your occupational therapist to know what information they would like from the trial. Photos and or video can be taken of parts of the trial to use in conjunction with applications. If you require photos or video, please bring a new memory stick, still sealed in it’s packet, and we can transfer video and photos to it. We will not put a used memory stick int our computer system, no matter how careful you have been with it. If you want us to get a memory stick for you, let us know well in advance and we can pick one up but you are responsible for the cost of the memory stick.
Deposits can be made by direct deposit so you/we can keep track of the payment or you can pay on the day. Payments by credit card attract a 2% service fee. Please note that if you transfer money via online banking, it may take several days from some building societies and a couple of days from some banks and we won’t know you have made a deposit. Directly to the CBA is extremely quick.

Bank Details

National Australia Bank
BSB: 084 004
Acc: 93-716-8865
Recumbent Company

Is it worth it?

My name is Wayne, a retired Civil Engineer from Brisbane. I have mobility issues insofar as I have limited use of my limbs on my right hand side. This is due to a Neurological condition that has existed for almost 20 years and has been slowly progressing. For comfort, I chose a Greenspeed Magnum XL with adaptations to the gear levers and brakes to meet my mobility requirements [pinion gearing and different brake system with internal geared hub and drum parking brake] along with a special assembly [Calf support pedal], which was fitted to the right crank to hold by foot securely in place - otherwise preventing it from slipping off a standard pedal. It has been great dealing with Queensland Recumbent and Eric made a real effort to gain full understanding of my mobility issues. He worked hard to reduce the constraints that relate to the right hand side mobility issues by proposing and implementing the sound technical solutions as described above. Eric has since made the suggestion that a Pinion gearbox system to replace the gearing system already in place to make my Trike even more accessible. I have no hesitation recommending Queensland Recumbent to any person of any age with or without mobility issues. Being able to visit the place of business in Tewantin (Noosa) and trial the Trikes is a definite advantage - it is only 2 hours travel north on the Bruce Highway from Brisbane. Furthermore, being able to talk to Eric face to face is a significant advantage. Massive thanks goes to Eric and Susan.
Single Hand Operation Gear Change and Brake
1. Twelve speed Pinion 2. Dual Brake 3. Five speed IGH 4. Rear Drum Brake

Feedback from Test Riders

We’ve been told by customers, time and time again, that they thoroughly enjoyed the extended ride. They appreciated the amount of time we spent answering questions and explaining different aspects they wanted to know more about.

Many have said, because of the time involved and the information gained, they’ve felt compelled to give a payment above the cost of the trike! Others have told us this could be your business on it’s own. Remember, the 75/150** deposit will be deducted from the final price of your recumbent trike when purchased from QR (us).

Book Your Test Ride

Contact us to work out a time for your test ride. We can arrange test rides after hours as well as on weekends.

Please ensure you make an appointment as we’d love to meet you. Unfortunately, just turning up may lead to disappointment if we are unable to fit you in as trike trials take time.


Sorry, we don’t provide trikes for hire, use in competition, “trials” or similar events/venues.
We do not allow trikes to be taken away unattended.

Information that helps us know if these trikes are suitable for you:

Fitting you up at Queensland Recumbent for a Test Ride

To help us match you with the right trike, please advise us of your X-seam, seated arm length, height and your weight (+-).

Of all these measurements, the most important is the x-seam. However, depending on your posture or disability, etc, trike adjustments can be made .

Need Another Test Ride?

If you feel unable to make a decision with one test ride, you are welcome to return for another test ride. We realise buying a recumbent trike can be an expensive purchase and it may be difficult to make decisions on the spot, especially if you have a riding difficulty.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk about your individual needs. We’d love to hear from you.

Hand Powered Magnum
Hand Powered Magnum – click for larger image

Hand Powered Magnum
Hand Powered Magnum – Rear