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Recumbent trikes available for you to test ride:

Before allowing a test ride, we require any rider, or if the rider is younger than 18 years of age his or her guardian, to sign a RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY. QR Test Ride Agreement PDF
As with riding a standard push-bike or driving a car can be dangerous, so too can any similar activity. You must accept full responsibility for your own safety on the test ride and for getting set up for it (helmet).

We require you to provide photo ID (ie: drivers license) – you can print the form yourself or sign one before the ride or before the test ride:

Test Ride

Please read and consider the QR Customer Test Ride Agreement which is required for all test rides.

QR Test Ride Agreement PDF

Please bring a pushbike helmet to suite the rider. If you do not need to wear a helmet for medical reasons, we suggest you have your certificate available.

The Test Ride

Short test rides within the confines (100 mtrs) of our address are free. Please arrange for your test ride in advance. This type of test ride must be on a trike provided that is suitable for your body size and readily adjustable, we are unable to spend extended time and setup for such a test ride which can consume an hour or so.
Queensland Recumbent Trikes - Corella Court
You can start with a free test ride and then elect to extend if suitable time and notice has been arranged.

Extended Test Rides

For an extended test ride, we need to do a setup and to fit individuals this can take some time. For this reason we charge a non-refundable deposit of $50 (for Sunshine Coast residents) and $100 for all other customers which will be deducted from the final price of your recumbent trike from QR (us). If you have special needs this can take a while longer – special funding application assessments $250 or as arranged. We then give you a brief run through and if all is well, we can then take a ride around the Tewantin or pre-organised area. If your fitness level is not high, this could be one or a couple of short rides to suite with more discussion to fill out the time between. We understand you may have many questions and like you to make the most of the visit. If you feel a little more energetic it can be an extended ride (additional $25 or as arranged). We’ll asses how you go and if need be make some adjustments to the trike to suite how you ride.

Deposits can be made by direct deposit so you/we can keep track of the payment or you can pay on the day. Payments by credit card attract a 2% service fee.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
400 George St, Brisbane QLD 4000
Acc: 1130 3501

From here, let us know what would be a suitable time and we’ll let you know our schedule and when we can fit in a mutually convenient couple of hours. We can arrange test rides after hours as well as on weekends (with ample notice).


Sorry, we don’t provide trikes for hire, use in competition, “trials” or similar events/venues.
We do not allow trikes to be taken away unattended.

Information that helps us know if these trikes are suitable for you:

Fitting you up at Queensland Recumbent for a Test Ride
Most important is the x-seam, but depending on posture or disability etc, this may be inconclusive.

Please let us know at least your X-seam, seated arm length, height and your weight (+-).

Special Needs Test Ride

If you have a special need or disability, please let us know your situation before the test ride so that we can discuss and help as much as possible to make the test ride as practical as possible to your circumstances. Severe disabilities can often require more specialised assistance and modifications, these applications are handled on a “individual case by case” and in some instances a finished product may not be obtainable at a standard retail price.

Please do not turn up UN-announced expecting us to set up a trike to suite you and then take you on a tour, because of the time involved it may happen but it may also be refused.

If you feel unable to make a decision with one test ride, you may return for another test ride as we realise it can be an expensive purchase and it may be difficult to make decisions on the spot, especially if you nave a riding difficulty.

Hand Powered Magnum
Hand Powered Magnum – click for larger image

Hand Powered Magnum
Hand Powered Magnum – Rear