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What’s Mr Greenspeed up to now?

Greenspeed Fattie

It looks a little like the development of a new “Beach Runner”… (our terminology – not GS).
Hope to see the rear wheel follow suite. We’ll keep you up to date as we see things happening.
As well as working on several new variations of road trikes, Mr Greenspeed is working hard to give customers what they would like.

Apart from now having access to several new Greenspeed models, there are a number of modifications that can be individually made to each GS Model.

While starting the Magnum Fattie, as a side track, it became an All Wheel Drive Magnum.

AWD (All Wheel Drive) Magnum
AWD (All Wheel Drive) Magnum


As at 6th Agust 2017, the Fattie is not a standard frame.
We should have the first Fattie here about the end of this month – pictures to follow.

  • To modify an existing framed Magnum (in Melbourne – freight to Melbourne applies elsewhere) will add about $950.
  • To modify an Anura will add about $750.
  • The current wait for the modification is about 4 weeks (in Melbourne).

New GT26

A new Greenspeed line derived from the GT20: The GT26 which sports the stable 20-inch front wheel but a full size 26 inch rear wheel.

Greenspeed GT26
The all new Greenspeed GT26 –
Due here about 28th August 017

There are also options for different types on motors, either Hub or Bottom Bracket mounted.

Bottom Bracket mounted motor
Bottom Bracket mounted motor.
Magnum XL Hub Motor
Magnum XL Hub Motor

Other models available from Mr Greenspeed include:

Greenspeed Aero
Lean Mean and Sporty Greenspeed Aero
Greenspeed Hand Magnum
Greenspeed Hand Magnum