Greenspeed Hand Magnum


  • Seat adjustable for height & angle with quick release levers
  • Easy mounting and dismounting as cranking and steering fold forward
  • Rear wheel drive for superior traction
  • Superior, small turning circle
  • Exceptionally wide gear range for flexibility
  • Ideal for people with special riding needs
  • Suitable for riders from 45 to 180kgs
  • Suitable for touring & commuting
  • Easily folds to put into the boot/trunk


GS Hand Magnum

Whereas most hand trikes are developed from wheelchairs to which a front driving wheel has been added, GreenSpeed hand trikes are developed from GreenSpeed recumbent trikes, and have rear wheel drive, with two front steering wheels. Thus they have both superior traction, and better steering and handling, with a smaller turning circle, making them more manoeuvrable. The Hand Magnum is the result of over 20 years of development. It has a 7005 aluminium alloy folding frame for transport, and folding column to ease entry and exit. It will take riders up to 180 kg21s, and is suitable for touring, commuting, exercising and just having fun.

Comfort & Ease

The seat was designed by a chiropractor, so that is has both lumbar and shoulder support. Plus, the seat cover is laced with shock cord so that it confirms to the shape of your back, and gives a good measure of suspension over road bumps. Like the Magnum, the seat is adjustable both for height and for angle. The handle for the brake lever and gears can be adjusted both in and out, as well as fore and aft. The crank handles are made so one can get a full hand grip with no interference from the spindle, and the handles can be adjusted in and out with quick release clamps, to suit the rider’s shoulder width. The cranks can also be adjusted both for height and reach, so that any rider should be able to get a comfortable cranking position. The crank handles are also long enough to accept both brake levers and gear levers, should the rider prefer to have them on the crank handles rather than on the stationary handle. Plus there is 6” of adjustment in the leg length, and if that is not enough, the footrest length can be reduced by up to 10”, giving a total leg length adjustment of up to 16”. The Big Apple tires are rated from 35 to 70 psi, and can be run as low as 30 psi to give a soft ride.

Performance & Fun
We realise that riders without the use of their legs cannot get off and push the trike if the hill is too steep, so the Hand Magnum is equipped with 3 gear systems as standard. The cranks are mounted on a Mountain Drive (MD) two speed bottom bracket. Then there is a 9 speed cassette, and three speed hub, giving 54 gear combinations, but more importantly, an enormous gear range of from 7” in bottom gear to 104” in top, or a range of 1434%! Thus it is possible to climb mountains with the Hand Magnum, and still crank downhill if you wish. Plus both the three speed hub and the MD can be changed while the machine is stationary.

High ground clearance and the fat, Big Apple tires with the very wide gear range make it suitable for both on road and off road use. As well as having a folding frame the Hand Magnum also has “Pop-off” quick release front wheels, with the same Q/R axles as used on wheelchairs. Plus the seat can be removed by just flipping 3 quick release levers. This can make it easy to fit into a car for transportation.


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