Greenspeed GT20


  • Light, accurate steering with tight turning circle
  • Seat adjustable for height & angle with quick release levers
  • Stiff, light frame reduces frame flex for improved handling and durability
  • Shimano Ultegra bar end shifters make gear changes easy
  • Easy entry/exit due to curved cross members
  • Narrow to fit through doors & gates
  • Comfortable seat
  • Suitable for riders up to 120kgs
  • Suitable for touring & commuting
  • Easy folds to put into the boot/trunk


Performance Efficient & Fast

It is not much use having a really comfortable trike if it performs like a slug. A trike should be a joy to ride, and reward you for every pedal stroke. In fact not only should a recumbent trike be more comfortable than an upright bike, it should be more efficient and faster, due to better aerodynamics. This is where the GT20 shines. Unlike upright bikes, recumbent trikes are a mono tube design, and with every stroke of the pedals, the boom will flex down and the frame will flex up under the seat, wasting some of your effort. To overcome this the GT20 uses a rectangular main tube and crank extension. Thus the main tube is BOTH stiffer and lighter than the oversize round main tube used on the Magnum! To further reduce the weight further, the GT20 uses the special lightweight Aero hubs, and new kingpins which are ½ the weight of the kingpins used on the Magnum.

Many trikes with 20” wheels use the standard gearing designed for ordinary bikes with 26” wheels, and then believe trikes are slower than bikes. Some use 26 inch rear wheels on trikes which are designed for bikes which have very little side loading, and then wonder why they are unstable. The GT20 uses 20” wheels, with gearing designed for 20” wheels, so that it is BOTH fast and stable. Finally, there is the Scorcher tires. The Greenspeed Scorcher tires were introduced in 2005, and for ten years have been the choice of Pedal Prix teams, as they are faster than any other tire on the market. Last year, 2015, we had another look at the design, and have managed to improve the rolling resistance by another 15%! So the GT20 has the new “Scorcher 120” tires as standard equipment.


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