Price Guide

Recumbent Trike Pricing Guide
To use the price guide, select the items required, i.e. Magnum or GT20,

Then select any accessories, making sure to check if other items are required to use the extra.

i.e.: to use a mirror or grab handle, you may need an accessory post.

That is, if you want grab handles with mirrors on both sides, select both groups (one side then the second) and include accessory posts unless you have an alternate mounting place.
If you don’t use bar end gear change levers, you could mount a mirror there
(see image below price section).

At the bottom you can see the total price for items selected – as in the sample image to the right here.

Recumbent Trike Pricing at Tewantin

Recumbent Trikes from Greenspeed

Our price base is as per Melbourne prices.

These prices here are a guide only, upgrades are applicable only to initial package purchase
and not for individual after-market items - ie: not fitted later to previous purchase.
Other options and modifications are available.

Queensland Recumbent


Greenspeed Magnum SD $3,290
Greenspeed Magnum XL $3,290
Greenspeed GT26 from $2,890
Greenspeed GT20 from $2,690

Queensland Recumbent

General Upgrades

Grab Handles (one side - requires Accessory Post) $15
Mirror (one side - requires Accessory Post) $30
Accessory Posts and Clamp (one side) $29
Grab Handles (second side - requires 2nd Post) $15
Mirror (second side - requires Accessory Post) $30
Accessory Posts and Clamp (second side) $29

Bell Mirrycle Incredibell - XL (req. on public roads) $10

OR fully fitted both sides
Accessory Posts, Clamps, Handles and Mirrors (Both Sides), Bell $158
Queensland Recumbent

Shimano M324 SPD combination pedals $85
Head rest $139
Chain Gobbler $149
Computer/GPS Mount (fits to accessory post) $25
Nu-Vinci 380 Continuous Variable Speed Hub $499 *
Schulmpf Speed/Mountain Drive $599 * only on upgrade for non-stock trike [otherwise $847]
Schlumpf Crank kick plates $12

Queensland Recumbent

There are many options, please let us know of Other items you want.

Rohloff 14 speed geared hub $1,950 * [$2,360]
Toe cage pedals $25
Velcro Pedal Straps $15
Velcro Wide Pedal Straps $15
ProLink friction reducing dry chain lubricant $20
Queensland Recumbent

MAGNUM specific Upgrades

Magnum 40kg Rack $125

Queensland Recumbent

GT20 specific Upgrades

GT20 30kg Rack $89

Note: Warranty is made available through Greenspeed the Manufacture only. On occasions items need to be returned to Greenspeed and the buyer is responsible for packing and freight. * Price relates to upgrade on original purchase only with items we order for you from Melbourne (not take from our current stock), These upgrade prices are not for later purchase with seperate supply and or fitting. We will advise on availability of trikes and accessories when we discuss your preferences. Thank you.

Queensland Recumbent
Recumbent Trike Pricing Guide