Payment Options

Options for Payments and Purchases

There is currently no direct purchase facility as by the nature of the product, we cannot necessarily supply an item that is not stocked or you don’t want a configuration as we have assembled what we do have here.
Most items are sold as special builds or configurations. While we do carry some standard stock, of late, stock is changing unexpectedly quick and without notice.

There are banking details below and if you wish to make a deposit for the amount of the trike and options, when cleared we can order or supply the item.
If you have requested an item we cannot supply, we will transfer the funds back to you.

Payments for items or services may be made by:

  • Cash
  • Direct Deposit (see banking details below)
  • Credit Card
    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • American Express

Bank Details

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
400 George St, Brisbane QLD 4000
BSB: 064 000
Acc: 1130 3501

Credit Card Service Charge

  • Payments made by credit card are accepted at our discretion.
  • All payments made by credit card attract a credit facility fee at 2% or as advised.
  • All payments made by credit card OVER THE PHONE attract a credit facility fee at 2.3% or as advised.

Sales are Final

A recumbent trike and or parts are a specialised item with wearing parts. The sale of recumbent trike or parts is considered a special order sale and as such the sale is a final. We are sure you would not want to receive a used item and we don’t want to pass on used items to other people.

With that in mind, our solution to minimise after sales hassle is working very hard on pre-sales service and doing our best to give you the right information and experience so you feel comfortable making your decision. We generally spend a lot of time before our customers spend money which in reality is money saved. Of course, we are human and not perfect, so our phone and contact form is ready to go should you have questions after the event.

Arrangements may be made at our discretion for return of a used item which will include fees or charges against the sale price for wear and tear, freight, depreciation and any service or finance fees.


If refunds or partial refunds are provided for a credit card sale, the refund will need to be applied for (allow a day) and then it may take 2 to 7 days to appear on your statement.