New Ideas and New Direction

Do we understand difficulties in getting the right seat and wheels under you? We’ve spoken to a lot of advisors – people having difficulties… Yes

Over the years, we have had many wonderful experiences here at Queensland Recumbent with visitors who have come with great difficulties getting around but have left with very big smiles on their faces.

They’ve come with walkers, walking sticks or a helping hand and encouragement from a loved one.

I’m a little dependent on 6 wheels (in the form a wheelchair) though it is more my back and neck that create the issues for me. I am lucky I can pedal quite OK but I need to have a trike system that allows for road bounce and vibrations or I can’t get very far down the road. Because of my physical situation, I have a greater sense of understanding when people feel frustrated about not only finding a trike that may work for them, but also being able to get the help needed to make the trike suit their specific needs.

The Original Idea

We provide time and equipment to our clients so that they can make an informed decision before outlaying big dollars on something very important and generally only with a one time opportunity to get it right. Later, we give more time to make the trike fit each person’s unique abilities/disabilities. We have been able to get all bar one visitor onto a recumbent seat: there are limitations and we realise that.

People who suffer limitations are very keen to stretch their arena, get out side and see people, become involved and have an outlet. We love to help make this happen and see the smile at the end of the process.

The New Idea

Bigger, better, more time, more help, more coverage and more equipment.

Think big, come and see us or call and see what we can arrange for you:

Who is a Recumbent Trike For?

Everyone! Recumbent trikes are a great comfortable and safe method of moving around. When you need to stop, you can sit right where you are with no balance or seat surface area issues.

Give us a call today! We’d love to hear from you.