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Magnum Big Wheel

Magnum Big Wheel

Due to arrive here 8th Jan 2018.

The new Magnum model from Greenspeed which sports a 26″ (660mm) will, based on the difference between the Greenspeed GT20 and GT26, give an improved ride over the Magnum SD.

The added attraction to this model Magnum, is that it has modified frame dimensions to allow the fitting of a 24″ by 4″ Fat Tyre. The magnum free will also accept Fat Tyres on the front allowing you to create a Magnum Fattie for use in areas such as a beach.

We are hoping to have a Magnum BW here around mid January 2018.

To those that are asking, I am told not to expect a Rear Suspension model of the Magnum for now.