Greenspeed GT26

Judging by the comments we’ve had about the Magnums and the GT20, we expect the GT26 will be a very popular recumbent.

Greenspeed add another recumbent, the GT26 to their established trike lineup.

As standard on most recumbents

… the front wheels are 406mm/20″ (tadpole style) and most noteworthy it has the 700mm/26″ rear wheel.

Due to it’s already familiar frame like the GT20, accessories such as chain gobblers, head rests, accessory posts, grab handles and mirrors will fit the newcomer.
I particularly like the higher chain and derailleur ground clearance provided by the larger diameter wheel.
The ride is noticeably smoother than it’s shorter counterpart the GT20 with 20″ (400mm approx.) wheels all round.

GT26 – GT700

Available colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

…but don’t quote me.

Greenspeed GT26
Greenspeed GT26 – click to enlarge

Greenspeed GT26 26″/700mm rear wheel

  • Greenspeed GT 700
  • Greenspeed GT 700
  • Greenspeed GT 700

  • Greenspeed GT26
  • Greenspeed GT26
  • Greenspeed GT26
  • Greenspeed GT20
    Front Seat Height adjustment

GT26 Specs

Greenspeed GT26 Specifications