Greenspeed Recumbent Trikes

With it’s home office in Australia, Greenspeed is considered an easy to access local supplier.

1990 – the year the first web page was created, it was also the year that Ian Sims built his first recumbent bike from metal scraps, and later a recumbent trike- which attracted much attention and praise as he rode for 540 kms around his home state of Victoria, Australia. GreenSpeed was born and quickly became synonymous with innovation, superior design, comfort and functionality for people all over the world.


Warranty on the Greenspeed trikes we sell is provided by and regulated by Greenspeed Trikes. If you have purchased your trike through another dealer, you will need to contact them first and if you have problems, Greenspeed.
On occasions items need to be returned to Greenspeed and the buyer is responsible for packing and freight.

If you have purchased a Greenspeed trike, please complete the warranty registration on the GreenSpeed website:


If you want to have your trike serviced locally to where you live, there are many bike shops familiar with Greenspeed Recumbents which are more than happy to provide ongoing service. Some of these shops are service focussed and can deal with servicing much better than a sales focused store. We put recumbent trikes together here and can provide service but servicing your trike here is not compulsory. Servicing is not integrated in any way with the purchase price.

You can comfortably buy here and not need to do a return trip a couple of years down the track for servicing. Physically trialling a trike is far better than buying online from a picture or someone’s description. You may be surprised there‚Äôs a difference you can really feel going from a photo to an actual recumbent trike. When you put your seat on a recumbent seat you can be far more confident your purchasing decision meets your needs!

  • You can buy here and service elsewhere.
  • A service to your recumbent can be carried out by any competent bike service technician.
  • Our customers are welcome to contact us at any stage should a question arise.