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Greenspeed Magnum SD

Queensland Recumbent - Greenspeed Magnum SD

Greenspeed’s Standard Magnum is Back!

Ready for some great news? Greenspeed now has the Standard Magnum back on the shelf! Better yet … we already have stock here in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

See more details on the Magnum Standard: here (Mag SD)

The Magnum Standard was to disappear and be replaced by the Magnum XL in conjunction with the new GT20 series. With the three models of general road trikes, Greenspeed has it pretty well covered.

Three Models Offer Choices to Suit All Needs!

If you’re looking for a compact and light trike, the GT series may suit you. The Magnum SD trikes are truly a general purpose machine while the Magnum XL are heavy duty and very robust putting them in a class of their own. So which one would suit you? The only way to tell really is to come and try them!

The new GT20 has brought the Greenspeed GT Series up to date. As suggested by the name, “GT20″, the new GT series is fitted with standard 20” trike wheels and tyres. The GT20 feels a little larger than the earlier GTs.

The Magnum XL which was to replace the Magnum SD is able to carry up to 200kg of rider weight, about 20kg more than the Magnum SD, along with the traditional Magnum 40kg of luggage. The XL is about 5cm longer and wider than the SD.

Susan’s current choice of trike is the Magnum XL in spite of it being a little larger. She says the seating is more comfortable!

Queensland Recumbent - Greenspeed Magnum SD
Greenspeed Magnum SD

Greenspeed = Comfort, Stablility & Endurance

Greenspeed has developed a unique cross-over steering system which is comfortable and very stable to use. All three models (GT series, Magnum SD & Magnum XL) utilize this system.

Riders can easily adjust these trikes to suit their individual needs. Adjustable handle grips re-position outwards/inwards (to reduce/create more width) as well as forwards/backwards (tilt). The seat comes with four height position adjustments. The seat struts allow the seat to be tilted up or down to suit the rider’s preferences for sitting more upright or reclined. The seat itself is made of elastic strung ergonomic cool mesh seating.

Click on the image to view large image.

Queensland Recumbent - Greenspeed Magnum SD
Greenspeed Magnum SD

We have trikes available for trial rides so feel free to come and try them for yourself. Looking forward to seeing you. In the meantime, have a great day!

Need Speed?

By the way, if speed is what you’re looking for, checkout the Greenspeed Aero!

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