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NEW GT700 or GT26

Greenspeed GT26

Here Now

The GT26 (or GT700) is a new line from Mr Greenspeed. The first to arrive here should be Orange in colour.
Price of the GT26 – 700 is: $2,890.oo in standard format.

As standard on most recumbents, the front wheels are 406mm/20″ (tadpole style) and has the 700mm/26″ rear wheel.

I don’t believe there is a luggage rack to suite the 26″ rear wheels at this time but other accessories such as chain gobblers, head rests, accessory posts, grab handles and mirrors will fit the GT700/GT26.

Stock numbers are not due until September some time, when they can be ordered we will let you know. Apart from that I can’t tell you a lot yet, but I am looking forward to it’s arrival and do think it will be popular.
I like the chain and derailleur ground clearance provided by the larger diameter. I counted a 50 tooth large chainring on the front so it will be interesting to see the gear ratios of this trike compared to its counterpart the GT20.

Available colours should be:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

…but don’t quote me.

Proof and Pudding

After both Susan and myself (Eric [more the pudding one]) have ridden the GT26 several times (some more than others – “Is the GT26 being used… it needs a little running in! S.“), we’d like to say the GT26 is a pleasure to ride. Light, responsive and with a slightly nicer ride than the shorter cousin the GT20. Yes I know, all the theory and established views can’t agree, but putting a tail in the seat and peddling has revealed this “feeling”.
Additionally the extra 170mm +- of length gives a more steady track, less fidgety, while leaving the GT26 responsive and polite.

Really worth a look. Very nice Mr Greenspeed. Now for Suspension!

My understanding is tomorrow (19th Sept) a container with some of these GT26 arrives at Greenspeed in Melbourne.

  • Greenspeed GT 700
  • Greenspeed GT 700
  • Greenspeed GT 700

  • Greenspeed GT26
  • Greenspeed GT26
  • Greenspeed GT26
  • Greenspeed GT20
    Front Seat Height adjustment