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Busy at Tewantin

Greenspeed at QueenslandRecumbent

Thank you to all the people that visit and pick up trikes from QR at Tewantin.

I don’t know if its the weather that is bringing people out or wether we only sell Greenspeed trikes… but we have been quite busy here at Tewantin. Perhaps the younger are starting to realise trikes are not just for the young at heart (but long in the tooth [oldies]) and are quickly becoming popular for the younger people wishing to bring up their fitness.

Greenspeed trikes are extremely popular across USA and Europe. Queenslanders are more than happy to put a Greenspeed Magnum on Qantas and go touring through Europe, one or two also to the US from here.

The Magnums in particular are long tried and very tested. We now have the addition of the Magnum XL: a littler more sure footed with about 5cm + on the track and length and able to carry an additional 20kg of rider weight.

If you have questions, we are happy to help out if we can and if not we’ll try our best to find the answers for you. Give us a call, drop a line and make a time to come and see a trike close up.

Too far for a Trike

If you think we are too far away and you want to be able to have your trike service locally, there are many bike shops familiar with Greenspeed Recumbents and are more than happy to provide ongoing service. So – you can comfortably buy here and not need to do a long return trip a couple of years down the track but instead of buying from a picture be able to actually put your seat on one of our seats.