One less car One comfy seat

Queensland Recumbent - One less car

Another happy QR (Queensland Recumbent) rider! Lisa has been riding every day since their trike was collected and have just written to say …

“All up (we’re) very happy with the trike.”

Love the flag! That’s a brilliant way of making an already highly visible trike more eye-catching! Fantastic safety feature!

Thank you Carl and Lisa for your feedback.
Eric and Susan

Susan has also joined the ranks of XL riders. At about 60kg (…am I allowed to say that) Susan is well within the weight limitations of the 200+ capability of the Magnum XL. What has drawn Susan to the XL was the seating comfort of this Magnum. The seat is a little wider and higher at the back, so a rider of Susan’s stature is cradled quite comfortably by the well shaped, cool, elastic strung, mesh seat. Susan finds the front of the seat rolling down really adds to the comfort.

This added comfort and a sturdy feeling ride, makes rough ground or sleeper foot bridges, much more tolerable for a dainty lady. The XL is certainly worth a look.

Magnum XL Seating Comfort
Magnum XL Seating Comfort
Queensland Recumbent - Magnum XL by Greenspeed
Queensland Recumbent – Yellow Magnum XL by Greenspeed

The Magnum XL still has the four height adjustment, as shown on the Blue Magnum SD (seat further up). You ca go from quite low and reclined to quite high and upright with this seat. Many tikes have no height or recline adjustment but the Magnum XL/SD and the GT20 allow a terrific range of adjustment. My own trike (Eric’s) has many positional adjustments, on the seat or off the seat :o( [not, mine’s not a Magnum but Mr Greenspeed is working on that with more new models coming soon].

Magnum XL Seating Lay-Back
Magnum XL Seating Lay-Back