Queensland Recumbent Articles

Magnum Big Wheel

Magnum Big Wheel

Due to arrive here 8th Jan 2018. The new Magnum model from Greenspeed which sports a 26" (660mm) will, based ...
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electric assist mid or hub motor

Electric Assist

It is not uncommon for people to want to include Electric Assist (a motor) when considering a bike or recumbent ...
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Aero ...the dark side

Congratulations Pete Rudland on Aero

For those a little more tilted towards the sportier or "the dark side of recumbents". Congratulations Pete Rudland Riding a ...
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Greenspeed Beach-Runner

Beach Runner XL

This Magnum XL has obligingly loaned itself to become a Fattie. Magnum Fattie Will it be Fattie or Beach Runner, ...
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Greenspeed GT26

NEW GT700 or GT26

Here Now The GT26 (or GT700) is a new line from Mr Greenspeed. The first to arrive here should be ...
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Carry luggage easily and conveniently on a recumbent trike.

Can I Carry Luggage On My Recumbent Trike?

Different Ways to Carry Luggage on a Recumbent Trike If you want to carry luggage, your trike is the perfect ...
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Greenspeed Hand Magnum

Recumbent Trikes + Disability

Down the page to: Hand Control Variations Leg or Calf Support Recumbent Smile Recumbent Trikes Provide Excellent Support for People ...
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Recumbent Trike Visibility - Can You Clearly Be Seen on a Trike?

Recumbent Trike Visibility

Are Recumbent Trikes Visible to Drivers? - That is the Question! One of the questions we're often asked by newbies ...
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Queensland Recumbent - Greenspeed Magnum SD

Greenspeed Magnum SD

Greenspeed's Standard Magnum is Back! Ready for some great news? Greenspeed now has the Standard Magnum back on the shelf! ...
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Queensland Recumbent - Magnum XL and GT20 by Greenspeed

XL and GT20 together

GT20 now here, and able to offer Test Rides on this piece of equipment, unless you have exceptionally long legs ...
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Queensland Recumbent - One less car

One less car One comfy seat

Another happy QR (Queensland Recumbent) rider! Lisa has been riding every day since their trike was collected and have just ...
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Greenspeed at QueenslandRecumbent

Busy at Tewantin

Thank you to all the people who visit and pick up trikes from QR at Tewantin. I don't know if ...
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Queensland Recumbent - Yellow Magnum XL by Greenspeed

Another Greenspeed Magnum XL

Another Greenspeed Magnum XL finds it's way onto Queensland roads and paths. Two of the four gone and we need ...
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Queensland Recumbent - Magnum XL by Greenspeed

Greenspeed Magnum XL new arrivals

Tuesday 15th Nov 2016, we have four new arrivals arrived today from Ian at Greenspdeed. Four Magnum XL recumbent trikes ...
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